(Part 1)

The Way of Men is The Way of The Gang

  • Being good at being a man has more to do with a man’s ability to succeed with men and within groups of men than it does with a man’s relationship to any woman or any group of women.
  • Masculinity is about what men want from each other. The raw masculinity that all men know in their gut has to do with being good at being a man within a small, embattled gang of men struggling to survive.


The Perimeter

  • Hunting and fighting are two of the most dangerous jobs you’ll need to do to stay alive. If there is someone or something out there who wants what you have and is willing to fight for it, you’re going to need to figure out who in your group is going to be willing to fight back. On average, men are bigger and stronger than women. Men are more daring, probably more mechanically inclined, and generallybetter at navigating. Men are hard wired for aggressive play. High testosterone men take more risks and seek more thrills. Men are more interested in competing for status, and when they win, their bodies give them a dopamine high and more testosterone.
  • Some researchers believe that the human brain can only process enough information to maintain meaningful relationships with 150 or so people at any given time.
  • The group of 2 to 15 men is a comfort zone. It’s an effective team size for tactical maneuvers, but it’s also socially manageable.

The Tactical Virtues

  • Strength, Courage, Mastery, and Honor
  • Strength, in the strictest physical sense, is the muscular ability to exert pressure. Strength is the ability to exert one’s will over oneself, over nature and over other people.
  • Courage is the indomitable capability to lead even when circumstances are dire, a triumph over fear. Courage is the will to risk harm in order to benefit oneself or others. In its most basic amoral form, courage is a willingness or passionate desire to fight or hold ground at any cost.
  • Mastery is a man’s desire and ability to cultivate and demonstrate proficiency and expertise in technics that aid in the exertion of will over himself, over nature, over women, and over other men. Competency has always been crucial to a man’s mental health and sense of his own worth. Becoming uncontrollable and dominant requires mastering some useful skills.
  • People are more likely to leave you alone if they fear harm from you, and if men give way to you because they fear you, you will gain a certain status among men.
    • Reflexive Honor: primitive desire to hit back when hit, to show that you will stand up for yourself.People are more likely to leave you alone if they fear harm from you, and if men give way to you because they fear you, you will gain a certain status among men.
    • Cultural honor: habits of proper and improper uses of violence. Cultural honor is ultimately concerned with being a good man, not being good at being a man.
  • Men from higher honor cultures would be more likely to engage in risky behaviors because “risky behaviors provide social proof of strength and fearlessness.”


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