The book is mostly about male psyche and psychology.

Chapter 1: The Pillow and The Key

  • Slow discipline of art: it is a slow process, with small steps at a time
  • Jung said that all successful requests from psyche involve deals. You have to make deals with two opposite part of yourselves.
  • Freud says- a man should not skip over the mutual attraction between himself and his mother.
  • The possessiveness that mothers exercise on sons can never be underestimated.
  • Exuberance in child is bad. It implies that the wild boy is no longer locked up.
  • He must overcome his fear of wildness, irrationality, hairiness, intuition, emotion, body, and nature. He must be proud owner of his characteristics, his immediate intuition.
  • “You’ll never see your mother and father again. But I have treasures, more than you’ll ever need.”
  • Old men outside families no longer offer an effective way for the son to break his link with his parents without doing harm to himself.
  • Only men can initiate men, as only women can initiate women. Women can change the embryo to a boy, but only men can change the boy to a man. Initiators say that boys need a second birth, this time a birth from men.
  • A clean break from the mother is crucial.
  • A single clear idea, well fed, moves like a contagious disease: “Physical work is wrong.” So man with father in war was taught this by his female teacher, took a deep root. He takes up desk work and has no work to share with his son, and can’t explain what he is doing.
  • Alexander Mitscherlich (German psychologist): If the son doesn’t actually see what his father does during the day and through all the seasons of the year,a hole will appear in the son’s psyche, and the hole will fill with demons who tell him that his father’s work is evil and that his father is evil.
  • Unconscious intuition come in as father is wicked, just because the father is remote. He feels it hard to make good connection with authority (a father like figure), he will feel purer when not in authority. He assumes every man in authority is corrupt and oppressive.
  • When a son in introduced to his father by his mother, he will see his father through his mother’s eyes and attitude. Since mother and father are in competition to get affection for the son, its hard to get the straight picture of his father.
  • Some mother send out message that mothers, sisters, girls, sensitive sons- give civilization and culture and feeling and relationships. And fathers stand for what is stiff, brutal, unfeeling, obsessed, rationalistic: money-mad, uncompassionate.
  • “Are you feeling sad?” – Is often heard from mothers and we consider it necessarily a bad feeling.
  • If a son feels primarily from feminine point of view, he may see his masculine form of his as a negative trait or be afraid to openly express it.
  • Eventually a man needs to discover what the father is what masculinity is. For this, ancient stories are good help, because they are free of modern psychological prejudices.
  • In Hinduism, there is ‘Shiva’, who is both an ascetic and a good lover ; a madman and a husband.
  • When a man gets in tough with his Wild Man, a true strength is added. He’a able to shout and say what he wants in a confident way.
  • The ability of a male to shout and to be fierce does not imply domination.