These are few selected habits suggested by the book. There are some changes which I personally find useful.


Positivity Habits

  • Everytime you have any negative thought, simply think of one positive aspect os the situation.
  • Remember that everyone is just doing their best and trying to be happy, just like you.

Health Habits

  • Eating Healthy Food
  • Good Sleep- create a good sleep environment (security, silence and darkness), use bed only for sleeping, most people need 8 hour long sleep, you should wake up without alarm when you sleep sufficient, avoid screens from 1-2 hours before sleep (try to read a book and write a journal in the given time)
  • Meditation- your goal is to just sit there for five minutes and focus on your breathing, and when you seem distracted, refocus. This particular habit should be done in such a way that you should not force it to achieve anything, although you might be, but just don’t think of it.
  • Vitamin D- spend significant time in sun.
  • Working Out

Expansion Habits

  • Travelling to Unusual countries
  • Writing Daily- helps to think clearly, history of your thinking, quality or quantity is not important
  • Seek Masterpieces- once in a while, make time to visit masterpieces, performances, nature’s manifestation of world
  • Pushing your Comfort Zone- take the first step (which is usually most difficult), here your target is to make yourself feel uncomfortable and not actually achieving your target, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Social Habits

  • Be on Time- Always
  • Delete / Contact- once in a while, visit your friend list/contacts, and decide whether you want to delete them or contact them, no other option

Productivity Habit

  • Twice, then Quit- When you want to quit working 1st time, don’t, push through for a while. Do this for a second time, push for a while. If still you can’t keep working, take a break or leave the task.
  • Eliminate Starting Procrastinating- Decide your most important 2 tasks of the day, and do them no matter what. Increase the no. Of tasks per week. It sounds trivial, but it does wonders- planning and executing the task.
  • Plan when Stuck- keep asking yourself what and how to do the next thing. Plan- doesn’t have to be bullet-proof, or long term or only the last option. You’ll improvise later, but choose a plan and proceed.
  • Rating your day- write journal before bed, and rate your day.