The book is divided into eight sections, which I will cover separately, but not necessarily in the same order. This is the 4th section of the book.


Part Four : What Woman Really Want

29. Choose a Woman Who Chooses You

Masculine Priority: mission, purpose, direction in life                                                                          Feminine Priority: flow of love in intimacy

Is she feels your feminine is greater then hers, she would evoke her masculine. And then she would want freedom, direction in life, away from you, and get repulsed.

30. What She Wants Is Not What She Says

Woman always tests her man, trying to sway him away from his highest goal. If he gets carried away by her requests, he failed the test and she would never trust him, and get repulsed by him.

She wants to be your second highest passion, never to be first. Always keep something more passionate than your woman.

31. Her Complaint is Content Free

Her complains are not about what she is verbally complaining, she complains about your integrity, your love towards her, your sense of direction and strength of your passion. After this she would take her own directions and decisions, and she stops radiating her radiance of feminine energy.

Like if she is complaining that you are shy and don’t interact much- she wants to know how much humorous, emotional and communicable person you are. You need to ask about her, her experience, ease her, listen to her very attentively and show that you love her, and that she can trust you.

32. She Doesn’t Really Want To Be Number One

Although your woman seems to want to be the most important thing in your life, she actually can trust and love you more, if she is not.

A man’s highest priority is his purpose, not intimacy.

33. Your Excellent Track Record Is Meaningless To Her

A man can be perfect for a decade and asshole for 30 seconds, but her women would act like he’s always been one. Because she sees of the present moment. To her history is irrelevant, only present moment matters.

What to do? – Shock her with your love, lift her, kiss her on her neck, surprise her in some loving way. The emotional slate would get washed clean, and your momentary failure would get vanished. But never justify your present mistake by referring your past successes.