The book is divided into eight sections, which I will cover separately, but not necessarily in the same order. This is the 6th section of the book.


Part Six : Feminine Attractiveness


39. The Feminine is Abundant

There is never a shortage of women, or feminine energy. This sense of starvation feeling, “life is not providing me/ sustaining me/ taking care of me” – is due to his early relationship with his mother.

There is no shortage, just resistance in receiving it, and embracing it. Men feel tired when they resist feminine energy.

Whenever you feel isolated and weary, feel like your front of the body is pressed against the front of a woman’s naked body., feel her softness and liveliness. Feel her breasts, her belly, inhale her intoxicating fragrance, get lost in her scent, feel it nourishing food for your masculine soul.

40. Allow Older Women their Magic

Apart from skin deep sexual attraction (which is normal), there is also a Radiance, a special type of energy, often possessed by older women easily. When around a woman, feel this radiance, and feel yourself healing and soothing in such feminine energy.

41. Turn Your Lust Into Gifts

The energy you get when seeing a woman, don’t disperse this energy, and let it circulate throughout your body. Don’t spurt it out through ejaculation or thoughts., learn to discipline your habits of releasing mental and sexual tension. Feel lust, feel the energy it gives you. Let it flow in every cell of yours.

42. Never Allow Your Desire to Become Suppressed or Depolarized

Appreciate her, even when she looks ugly, feels down, is not positive, not radiating. Praise is like food to feminine, they thrive on it. Give her deep appreciation, small appraisals and see her rising and radiating their shine again on you, and healing your masculinity.

43. Use Her Attractiveness as a Slingshot Through Appearance

Women can attract you, heal you, inspire you, but they can never satisfy you completely. It is YOU, which you are seeking.

Allow yourself to feel how badly you want her. Embrace her, and give her what you want from her. She is the goddess, ready to fuck you, murder you, and enlighten you. Feel through her anger when she is angry, through her beauty when she looks beautiful, through her darkness when she looks ugly. Let her feel how badly you want her, your desires.