I have been trying to improve myself, be a better version of myself than I was yesterday. And I believe almost everyone is striving to do so. We read many self help books, motivational texts, quotes, wallpapers, videos, songs, some rituals and some habits. I have read few books on these, been following articles and everything available on internet (though I believe its out there in living not on the web). Been done so, I hereby drop to you the single most best tool of self-improvement – self-introspection.

Now this could be done in many ways, I’m pointing top methods that come to my mind:

  1. Write Diary: most important, start writing down your daily thoughts, your plans and anything bothering you or makes you happy.
  2. Spend 4 hours with yourself. Take the time out of your day to get to know yourself. No tv, no books, no nothing. It will be the best and most difficult 4 hours of your life.
  3. Live alone. Be on your own for a while if you haven’t already. Take responsibility for your life for once and be your own boss.
  4. Live somewhere else. Spend some time in another country. Not just a week or a month but maybe a year. The only way to appreciate what you have is to be able to compare it with something else.
  5. Learn a Martial Art. Learn to hold your own and grow your confidence immensly by learning to fight when needed.
  6. Do the thing that frightens you the most. Stop dwiddle-daddeling and just do it. You know what it is.
  7. Do an extreme Sport. Try it out for once. It is going to be extremely difficult, extremely painful and extremely worth it.
  8. Challenge yourself for 30 days. Learn the guitar, paint, run or do something that you want to get good at every day for 30 days and see how good you can get.
  9. Do what you think you love to do: Sometimes we think we will do this and be happy, but as it comes down we still don’t feel good out of it. So maybe go and try that thing.
  10. Spend time with someone who is on death bed: You will start appreciating your health and how to live with no fucks given. Life is short, please.



My diaries, that ‘2017’ one is the latest.


I myself have been doing this past many years, and though I’m improving, my growth is pretty small. And I believe this is normal, stable growth rates, whether economic or self-improvement are slow. So my advice to all readers and  myself is that keep patient, things will change for good.