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Originals are late to the party:  Pre-crastinators are least creative, procrastinators are most creative (but not the most chronic ones). Originals do the task back of their mind, their procrastination gives them different unexpected ideas.Screenshot from 2016-09-30 14-09-03.pngYou don’t have to be the first, you have to be better. It is much easier to improve on somebody else’s idea, than to start something fresh.Screenshot from 2016-09-30 14-16-48.png

Originals feel doubt and fear: they have back-up plans. 2 Kinds of doubt: Self-doubt is paralyzing, it leads you to freeze. Idea doubt is energizing, it motivates to test, refine, modify. Originals question the model for its failure, they never doubt on themselves. They know that biggest disappointments are not their actions, its their inactions. Originals have tons of bad ideas, they fail the most. Its just that they try out many times.