I was pushed into swimming pool (which was around 21 ft deep) by one of my friends. I was helpless, I didn’t knew how to swim. That was the day I’ll never forget. Be alert, be calm, be strong. Because you never know what happens next. And obviously I was saved by the same guy and two other men.

Sometimes it happens that you attacked by some person, or by animals and nature or by some other forms.  Here are some standard physical abilities every one of us should be capable of doing in threatening situations.

  • RUN: You should be able to run at least 2 km without stopping in between. And also run 500 m sprint, that is your highest speed for 500 m.
  • SWIM: Be capable to swim at least 500 m in water, and also dive 3-4  metres underwater if needed. Water tests your calmness and composure.
  • PULL: You should be able to pull up at least 10 times. And pull all the way over bar.
  • PUSH: Pushing is just normal. But you increase your pushing endurance by push ups.
  • PUNCH: Learn how to punch, on a heavy bag. Learn jab and cross punches.
  • BREATHING: This one is unexpected. Learn to breathe at different rates, both through your nose and mouth. It could come handy at some critical situation, and it is fun to practice. You can actually feel the changes in mood according to your breathing styles.