Parents are like a bow, and children like arrows. The more the bow bends and stretches, the farther the arrow flies. I fly, not because I’m special, but because they stretched for me.
-Khalil Gibran

My father is an utter failure in businesses or employment. As a result, we always had financial problems. But the benefit of this was I learned to value money. I got fit by pumping the water-pump, and pulling water out of well. So after my 10th I was sent to study in different city with my tauji (father’s elder brother). Again the school bullying sessions kicked off in mature and indirect way. There I was being treated badly,
was given bad food, an open room where you can feel the December cold air in your lungs.
Basically I lost 17 kgs weight within 6 months. But the benefit was I learned how to survive hostile conditions, how to listen ill about your parents and still be silent, how to feel normal when some one treats you like a street dog. I learned to survive.

My tauji got transferred and I had to shift to some cheap PG (paying-guest). I tried some really fucked up houses, and managed somehow. But the benefit was I learned cooking, washing, managing a house. And also appreciating food, irrespective of its taste and price.

Somehow after clearing 12th I got an offer for free coaching for IIT. I didn’t knew much about IITs then, but yet all my friends and relatives advised me to opt for it. Looking at walls and sky suck, they are over-rated.

This was all I did one year. And after that I somehow managed to qualify JEE Advanced, but I only got admission under my OBC reservations. I learned life is a marathon, think ahead, think far-off. YOLO ideology is means you only live once to work hard. YOLO doesn’t means you should enjoy every day.
People are losing capacity of boredom.


When you’re experiencing boredom, your brain is not bored, your brain is doing some of the most important work that it knows how to do. It is laying down its default mode network, which is part of basic auto-biographical story of your life. It is doing  important work of who you are, mental stability and your emotional stability…
-Offline is the new luxury (a documentary on Youtube)

As of now I’m in one of the old IITs, some not-so booming branch, but I can’t complain. And right now what strikes me next is: It’s been more than 6 years since the tears and the winter cold. And now, as then, it is not fear that grips him, only restlessness. A  heightened sense of things. The sea born breeze, coolly, kissing the sweat at his chest and neck. Brace yourselves. Placement season is coming.