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Harsha Bhogle’s speech at IIM-A

  • Keep ears open mouth shut

  • End is driver of ambition

  • Journey counts more than the destination

  • Keeping end targets creates anxiety, sometimes chokes people

  • It creates temptation to do whatever it takes to do, we don’t check whether that path is right one or not

  • Fastest way to achieve success is work your butt off

  • Take care of runs, and the dolars will take care of them selves (take care of your study, cpi will take care of itself, and thus the end package)

  • Excellence is chasing your performance goals, and letting go of the end results

  • Make the process of achievement supreme, consider result irrevalent

  • Perfect the process of performance, and don’t allow pressure of reult to choke your performance

  • Don’t worry about the fruit

  • Excellence is in preparation, not exactly performance

  • Give every moment your 100%, next time you say this is the time to put 100%

  • Excellence never creates excuses, NO EXCUSES

  • Tendulkar is product of new mixed economy (he had equity markets), Gavaskar was the product of old socialist economy (he had bank deposits)

  • Surround yourself with people better than you

  • Once you get to a certain level, you have critics and you won’t like them

  • Have critics around yourselves

  • Never marry your fan, marry a critic

  • Arrogance is bad, it comes in the way

  • Trying to compete, is a failure in itself

  • If you have ego & arrogance on your side, you don’t need an opponent

  • Excellence is not about talent, in fact a major major part of excellence has nothing to do with talent. And in course of time, once you go beyond a certain level, ability or talent is the useless virtue to posses. Its what you do with that talent that matters. Attitude, beyond the point it attitude that counts far far more than talent. Because talent breeds an ego. And talent never solves a problem beyond a point. Many players, the moment faced the roadblock did not know what to do, because they had never had to struggle to succeed.

  • If have never failed, they would never pick you. If this man faces failure, will he know what to do. They pick people who failed and bounced back. And that is where you attitude comes through. Its what you do with your talent that counts. Attitude and work ethics count far more than talent.

  • Ability opens the first door, it might open the second door, but its not gonna open the last door for you.

  • Excellence is also about learning from mistakes. Deep down when you make a mistake what do you think first hand? I hope nobody looks at me again. Mistakes can be the best friend, because the more mistakes you make, the more you know what not to do. And excellence is as much about knowing what to not do as about knowing what to do.

  • Everybody is allowed to make a mistake. Its second or the third mistake that you are not allowed to make.