•Independence finally.
•Communal carnage & refugee crisis post partition.
•Assassination of MKG.
•Constitution drafted.
•Refugee crisis post partition.
•The Kashmir dispute.

•India becomes republic.
•States reorganization along linguistic lines.
•Non Alignment movement.
•Moving closer to Soviet Union.
•Secessionist movements in North East.
•First non congress state government (Communist party in Kerala. First non
congress CM E. M. S. Namboodripad).
•Dalai Lama granted asylum in India post annexation of Tibet by China.
•Haridas Mundhra scandal – The first big national scam/scandal


•Annexation of Goa
•Congress starts losing its grip on the states. Rise of regional parties.
•Anti Hindi agitation in Tamil Nadu & rise of Dravidian politics.
•Wars of ’62 & ’65
•Death of Nehru
•Green Revolution
•White Revolution
•Death of Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent post ceasefire agreement with Ayub
•Indira Gandhi arrives on the political stage first as Union IB minister & then
succeeds LBS as PM.
•Split in Congress.
•Nationalization of Banks.
•Naxalite movement commences in West Bengal.
•Large scale communal riots in Gujarat in ’69.


•The ’71 war – Indian victory – Creation of Bangladesh – Indira at the height of her
•India becomes a nuclear power in ’74.
•JP movement gains popularity against the incumbent government.•Indira Gandhi declared guilty of electoral malpractice.
•Sanjay Gandhi arrives on the political stage.
•National Emergency declared in ’75
•Democracy restored in ’77 – Elections held – Janata coalition comes to power with
Moraji Desai as the first non congress PM of India.
•A. B. Vajpayee as Foreign affairs minister makes a speech in Hindi at the U. N.


•Coalition experiment fails – Fresh Elections in ’80 – Indira back with a thumping
•Operation Meghdoot in ’84 – Indian forces fight Pakistani forces at the highest
battlefield on earth and captures Siachen.
•Bhopal Gas tragedy.
•Rise of Sikh Militancy in Punjab demanding the separate state of Khalistan.
•Operation Blue Star.
•Assassination of Indira Gandhi by her Sikh bodyguards.
•Rajiv Gandhi sworn in as PM.
•Anti – Sikh riots perpetrated by Congress.
•LS elections ’84 – Massive & unprecedented 414 seat majority to Congress riding
on widespread sympathy wave for Indira.
•BJP makes its debut. Wins 2 seats. A. B. Vajpayee loses his only LS election to
Madhavrao Scindia.
•First steps towards economic reforms by Rajiv govt.
•Bofors scandal.
•IPKF disaster in Sri Lanka
•Shah Bano judgement.
•Insurgency begins in Jammu & Kashmir.
•’89 elections – Rajiv loses majority. Janata govt coalition comes to power with V. P.
Singh as PM.
•Controversial Mandal commission recommendations tried to be implemented.
•V. P. Singh recalls troops from Sri Lanka.
•Bhagalpur riots of 1989,

•Chandrashekhar succeeds Singh as PM with outside support from Congress.
•Rajiv Gandhi assassinated by the LTTE.
•Congress forms coalition government
•Manmohan Singh as FM initiates path breaking economic reforms
•Babri Masjid demolition
•Communal riots of ’92-93
•Mumbai bomb blasts
•BJP becomes single largest party in ’96 elections and A. B. Vajpayee becomes PM.
However lasts only for 13 days as it fails to prove majority in the house.•United Front government between ’96 – ’98 with Deve Gowda and Inder Kumar
Gujral as PMs.
•BJP again is the single largest party in the ’98 elections. Coalition government
lasts for 13 months till Jayalalitha’s AIADMK withdraws support.
•Kargil War
•Nuclear tests
•The NDA coalition forms government post ’99 elections.
•IC – 814 hijacked to Kandahar. Government releases militants to secure release of


•Attack on the Indian parliament – 2001
•Communal riots in Gujarat – 2002
•First non political President – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
•Indo-Pak ceasefire – 2003
•NDA government first non congress government to complete a full term.
•Congress led coalition UPA comes back into power in 2004 elections.
•Manmohan Singh becomes PM
•Pratibha Patil becomes first woman president of India
•High growth years for the economy 2004-2009
•26/11 attacks of Bombay
•UPA retains power in the 2009 elections.

•TMC comes to power in West Bengal after 34 years of left rule.
•Scams galore come to light with UPA II at the helm.
•Anna Hazare launches anti corruption movement asking for Jan Lokpal bill to be
•BJP and its allies win a thumping majority in the 2014 elections. Narendra Modi
becomes the first Indian to be born post independence to become PM.