• Allied-UK, France, Russia, Japan,Italy, British colonies(India, Australia..)
  • Central-Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Turks..


Initiator: Assassination of Archduke of Austria by some Serbian (28th JUNE  1914). Austria (supported by Germany) attacked Serbia (supported by Britain, France..)


Real Motive: Britain & France wanted no challenges from strong German nation in colonies. So they were finding reasons to attack Germany.


War grounds:

  • Western Front (around Belgium)
  • Eastern Front (Russia-Bulgaria)
  • Southern front (Balkans,Turkey)



  • March 1917, Germany hit 5 American merchant navy ships to sink.
  • Persuasion of Mexico to join with Germany



  • central powers surrendered June 28, 1919 (exact 5 yrs after it started)
  • Germany humiliated by signing “Treaty of Versailles”
  • Japan although from winning side felt ignored because not given ‘appropriate’ war winning territories/wealth.


(     Edited version of Balaji Vishvanathan’s article:    )