Part III (contd)
Fundamental Rights (Articles 23-35)
Right against Exploitation
23. Prohibition of HUMAN TRAFFICKING and forced labor
24. Prohibition of CHILD LABOR (below the age of 14 yrs)
Right to Freedom of Religion
25. Freedom of conscience & free practice-propagation of RELIGION.
26. Freedom to manage religious affairs (maintain institutions, own/acquire immovable property)
27. No taxes for any particular religion/religious denomination
28. No religious information at State owned/funded educational institutions

Cultural and Educational Rights
29. Right to conserve any distinct language/script/culture (Protection of minorities)
30. Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions.
No discrimination by State against any institution which is under minorities (based on
31. Saving of laws for acquisition of estates (modification/ amalgamation/ extinguishment/
searching prematurily of licence)
31D: Saving of laws in anti-national activities

Right to Constitutional Remedies
32. Right to move to Supreme Court for enforcement of laws
33. Parliament has power to modify the rights given to: Armed forces, Govt intelligence..
34. Martial Law: restriction of rights in such area

35. Legislatures have power to prescribe punishment for acts concurred w.r.t above laws