Part I
1. Definition of Bharat as union of States & Union territories (as mentioned in 1 st schedule)
2. Establish new states (36 th amendment 1975 for Sikkim)
3. Changing area/boundaries/name of any State (bill needs to be passed to President from State Legislative bodies)
4. (not getting it, someone help please)

Part II
5.Citizenship at the time of adoption of Constitution (born/either parents born in India/ordinary resident for more than 5 yrs)
6. Migrated from Pakistan: person/either parent born in India / migrated before 19 th July 1948 and registered by GOI official
7. Exempted from citizenship if: Migrated to Pakistan after 1 st March 1947
8. Person registered by Indian diplomats in foreign country & parents/grandparents were Indian born (India as def. By Govt of India Act 1935)
9. No person is given Indian citizenship when he has acquired foreign citizenship.

10. Continuance of citizenship: any citizen or deemed to be a citizen continue to be such citizen as subject of provisions of any law made by Parliament.
11. Parliament can regulate the right of citizenship (acquisition/terminate) and all other matters pertaining citizenship.