Have been reading many articles/books where it is said to set a wish-list or bucket-list.

So lets try..

Generally I like to keep myself private in a nutshell. But just for the sake of my memory, I’ll try:

My likes and favorites:

I love my family, I can’t stop giving reasons to do so. I breathe adventure and sports. But I love not being dead. Brought in financially low class society of eastern UP, which is one of the underdeveloped regions of India, I have never traveled in AC coach of trains, and had sleeper reservation only less than 10 times. Never have seen any passenger flight, never goes out to eat. When I’m being mentally and physically tested is the time I enjoy. 

  • Try out every adventure sports out there: skydiving, bungee jumping, cliff jumping, rafting, hot air balloon, scuba diving, zip-line ride, skiing, ..
  • Run a Marathon
  • Complete Trialthon
  • Earn a belt in any martial art
  • Visit popular national parks/ biosphere reserves/ sanctuaries of India
  • Go on a solo trek and sleep in wild on mountains for atleast a night
  • Visit every continent (yes !! Including Antarctica)
  • Visit all the wonders of world
  • Travel in a submarine
  • Swim 1 km in ocean (this one might be dangerous)
  • Visit every state of India
  • Poker night on cruiser in Goa
  • Try to climb any high peak. May be Everest
  • Take parents & grandparents/old aged family members to trip to holy places of India. Kind of ‘Bharat darshan’
  • Eat at the most costly restaurant in India
  • Sing/dance before an audience without preparing
  • Do the above with my life partner (sounds romantic but almost impossible, firstly I have never been in relationship, and secondly adventurous girls are rarely hardcore adventurous, though they like easy adventures)
  • Learn to cook, especially Indian. Specially south Indian dishes and east Indian ones, they are interesting
  • Volunteer for poor kids, to teach, donate and feed them. Although I’m keeping this last of my list but looking my past history, this is easiest and I’m good to go


I got an awesome article on this topic:

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